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Lower Lewis River Autumn


Lower Lewis River Falls in Skamania County, Washington, is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the Northwest, especially in the fall. I recently visited this spot with a fellow photographer (Gary Meyers, shown above) just before a particularly severe rainstorm raised the water level several feet and made impossible some of the images we made. When the water level is low, however, you can walk out into the middle of the Lewis River and shoot from perspectives like the one shown above. It’s an amazing sight, and the sound of the rushing water is even better.


Panther Creek, Skamania County, Washington

The light was very strange this morning when the thunderstorm passed overhead. The subsequent lightning also cut short the visit I was taking to Panther Creek Falls, in southwest Washington, with another photographer friend. We decided we weren’t going to risk being electrocuted standing exposed at the bottom of the 130-foot waterfall. Before we fled the scene for the relative safety of Oregon and our side of the Columbia River Gorge, we captured a few images of upper Panther Creek as it appears just a few meters from the edge of a part of the waterfall. As you can see, the bizarre light makes things appear almost …dirty? (Nikon D300S, Nikkor 20-35mm f/2.8 lens at 20mm, f/4, 0.4 second exposure at ISO 200)