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Spring for some Weisendanger

Weisendanger Falls-1

Yesterday, I made my second outing this spring into the Columbia River Gorge. I paid a visit to Multnomah Creek, which feeds the world-famous Multnomah Falls before it plunges over 600 feet down to the Columbia River itself. Because of the that, the waterfalls above the main falls, such as it is, are often overlooked by photographers and hikers. But they are absolutely worth the visit, even if you don’t have a camera in hand.

In the photo above, Weisendanger Falls is shown in the background, with the onrushing creek coming straight at the viewer. Weisendanger is a 50-foot waterfall that pours into a beautiful little ampitheater, while just upstream sits the even taller Ecola Falls, which tumbles off a basalt ledge and around a sharp corner past the splash pool.

Downstream from Weisendanger, probably no less than another 200 yards, sits the multi-tiered Dutchman Falls. It’s one of the most scenic stretches of water that Oregon has to offer, and that’s saying something. In this shot, I played around with shutter speeds a little bit to get the detail in the water I was looking for. I used speeds ranging from 1/8 second to 15 seconds in an attempt to find as wide a range of looks as possible.


Columbia River Gorge 5

Wahkeena Falls in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge has provided me with a wealth of photographs this week. ¬†One result of this is that I cannot decide which I like better; the more distant images showing waterfalls or the many shots I’ve taken from the middle of the streams carrying water away from those waterfalls. I shot the creek above from numerous angles and perspectives, and in many of the photos I felt like the rocks resembled the heads of animals. This helped guide me in framing certain images, including this one, a 1.3 second exposure taken with a Tokina 11-16mm lens and circular polarizing filter at ISO 200 and f.11.