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A Spanish Head Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Day at the central Oregon Coast involved heading down to the beach at Spanish Head in Lincoln City and shooting a fantastic sunset. It looks a bit far away in this image, but that’s because I’m shooting with an ultra-wide Tokina 11-16mm lens. It’s one of my favorites for this type of work, and it’s steadily become a workhorse for me even when I’m not shooting landscapes.

In this shot, the tide is coming up a bit, providing me with a steady supply of gorgeous water motion flowing over the basalt that decorates the beach at this spot. The reflection of the sunset on the wet sand is the icing on the cake, kicking off what turned out to be a great Thanksgiving holiday. I’m going to be shooting more at the beach as the new year comes around, weather provided, so this is a little taste of what the future holds in store.

Thanks for viewing!


The Final Four and Portland prep basketball

Quick post for today. I’m not really a follower of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, but I can’t help notice the Final Four is upon us once again. That quickly reminded me of a couple of games from 2010 when current Kentucky star Terrance Jones still was a prep terror at Portland’s Jefferson High School. Because of Jones’ NBA caliber skills, even then, I was able to get some really fun sports photography actions shots at the 2010 OSAA state championship tournament at the University of Oregon’s MacArthur Court.

Jones is dominant now in Lexington, but at Jefferson the gap between him and the competition simply was laughable. At least he seemed to be having fun as Jeff cruised to the 2010 5A state title with ease over Mountain View High of Bend (above and below). Now we’ll see if he can help lead Kentucky to the expected national title they covet. These photos also gave me a last look at the University of Oregon’s MacArthur Court, which now has been replaced as home of Oregon basketball by the sparkling new Matthew Knight Arena.

Light and movement

It never takes long for the weather to change in Oregon. In the photo above, I returned to a spot that was nearly underwater in January. Now in March, however, the water flow has lessened and provides some really fascinating color and movement when long exposures of one second or more are taken.

The photo above is a four-second exposure taken at f.11 and ISO 100. The trick to this is a variable neutral density filter, which restricts the amount of light entering the lens without altering its color.

ND filters come in many strengths and are offered in several different forms, including variable, which rotates and functions much like a circular polarizer.

The most common is the fixed ND filter, while the graduated ND filter allows the photographer to split an image into two distinct areas, one filtered, the other unfiltered. The latter is usually used when you have a sharp delineation between areas with strong highlights and shadows, as commonly found with sunset photos with a horizon and foreground.

The shot above and the image at right were both taken during the middle of the day under shelter of overhead tree branches. The effect is otherworldly. As one friend put it, it’s like Middle Earth as envisaged by J.R.R. Tolkien.