Photography and photojournalism in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

Oregon Coast

Don’t forget your boots!

Spanish Head-8

This image was taken last weekend at the Oregon coast while visiting the family in Lincoln City. That visit coincided with some unusually nice weather that provided two straight outstanding sunrises and sunsets. To take advantage of that, I headed on several occasions to Spanish Head at the south end of the town and walked out to the remains of an ancient lava flow that extends from the beach out into the water. It’s a gorgeous spot with a ton of rocks, both individual and in clusters, that provide foreground interest, while the main lava flow can be used as a background or as the main focal point of the shot. In this image, though, I found a nice rock on my way back home and stopped to take a few extra frames. The water flow of this wave, which was less than a foot high, proved to be perfect for the shutter speed I was using. It also overflowed my boots, but since that already had taken place earlier in the morning it wasn’t too much hassle.

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Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon


Thor’s Well is one of the most unique features one can find on the central Oregon Coast. Located at the water’s edge of an old lava flow at the base of Cape Perpetua south of Yachats, the ocean has bored an underwater tunnel into the rock over time. The resulting “well” accordingly fills with water and empties itself repeatedly as the tide comes in, providing a spectacle unlike too many others. When the skies are right it’s downright spectacular. On this occasion I found a little bit of color just after sunrise, but this spot probably is best as the sun is sinking into the horizon. At any time, however, the ebb and flow of the tide and its waves provides a riveting sight that you will not likely soon forget. Credit goes to Darren White, an outstanding Northwest landscape photographer, for the moniker, which came about barely five years ago.

A Spanish Head Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Day at the central Oregon Coast involved heading down to the beach at Spanish Head in Lincoln City and shooting a fantastic sunset. It looks a bit far away in this image, but that’s because I’m shooting with an ultra-wide Tokina 11-16mm lens. It’s one of my favorites for this type of work, and it’s steadily become a workhorse for me even when I’m not shooting landscapes.

In this shot, the tide is coming up a bit, providing me with a steady supply of gorgeous water motion flowing over the basalt that decorates the beach at this spot. The reflection of the sunset on the wet sand is the icing on the cake, kicking off what turned out to be a great Thanksgiving holiday. I’m going to be shooting more at the beach as the new year comes around, weather provided, so this is a little taste of what the future holds in store.

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