Photography and photojournalism in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

The Dog Days of Christmas

Dog Days of Christmas


It was so nasty outside here in the Portland area on Christmas day I felt like I had to go search out some snow. That took me 40 miles east into the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington side of the river, where I spent maybe 20 minutes photographing Dog Creek Falls, above, as it got dark. This is jokingly referred to by some as an “old man’s” waterfall because it requires about a 25-yard “hike” from the highway to get down to the creek itself. In the fall, salmon and steelhead can be seen struggling up the creek, which is barely a foot deep, even now in December. With a coating of snow, though, this spot takes on a darker appearance overall because of the heightened contrast.

It’s a fun little spot to pull into for a spell, just one of many along SR 14 east of Stevenson. Skamania County is one of the best spots in the Pacific Northwest for its concentration of waterfalls; Dog Creek Falls is just the beginning.


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