Photography and photojournalism in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

Columbia River Gorge afternoon

The Columbia River Gorge is known around the world for its scenery, and there’s really no excuse not to pay a visit regularly when you already live in the Portland metro area.

The photo above was taken in the Gorge on a cloudy afternoon near Wahkeena Falls, which is less than a mile from the much better known Multnomah Falls. The area has dozens of waterfalls, rivers, streams and other water features to photograph. And that’s before you consider the nearby Columbia River.

Slow exposure photographs like the one above are a favorite of mine. A strong variable neutral density filter allows me to lengthen the exposure by one, two, three or more stops. Some people like the choppy look that water typically gives with exposures of roughly a half second or faster. I, however, prefer the smoother look that comes when you expose water for a second or more. The shot above is a one-second exposure at f.11 using an 11-16mm Tokina wide angle lens.

It’s fun to get outside and splash around like this, as my photojournalism work normally keeps me indoors under fair to downright awful lighting. This is a nice change, for sure.


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