Photography and photojournalism in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

Portland snow?

I am so not the nationalistic type. Honestly. I don’t enjoy jingoistic displays in any country. But the sight of a flag in a field of snow will lure me in every time. I love snow when it comes to photography because of the great contrast and the easy way color pops out from bright white backgrounds.

In this case the American flag is weatherworn and faded, but the snowy background only serves to amplify the muted reds in its stripes. The blue field of stars has fared better and contrasts nicely with the snow and even nearby tombstones.

I took this photo in part because I simply needed images of snow for the Spokesman, and partly because this particular location already is one of my favorites when I get bored and have a camera in hand.

Given the weather forecast tonight is calling for more snow, I’m hoping for a chance at even better images tomorrow. We shall see.


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