Photography and photojournalism in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

Fall color in the Portland area

This past week has provided some particularly seasonable Pacific Northwest autumn days. Naturally, I felt I would be completely negligent as a photographer if I did not take out my Nikon at some point and take advantage. As a result, I’ve been looking for color everywhere I go.

From fun photography with the kids to sunset images of Mt. Hood (below) and leaves and trees galore, I keep seeing more images than I know what to do with. As someone who specializes more in sports and action photography, this actually is a nice change of pace.

Even at a press conference yesterday covering a fatal plane crash I couldn’t help but notice the autumn foliage providing a backdrop for police and other members of the emergency services.

Closer to home, a weekend jaunt along the popular Springwater Trail served up a host of colorful photographs. This included a trip to the  Gresham Pioneer Cemetery, as well as a later stop at the Stafford Baptist Church Cemetery    off Newland Road near Wilsonville. Even a walk around our   local neighborhood (top) provided some fantastic color.

Maybe it’s because Halloween is just around the corner. It  also could be my penchant for the historical, but shooting photos  of headstones bearing 19th century dates also is fascinating.  It always makes you wonder what the lives of the persons buried there must have been like.

Some of the graves are more recent and bear more festive marks of mourning, including empty whiskey bottles and garish Halloween decorations. Another featured trinkets paying homage to El Dia De Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead of Mexican fame (right).

One of my favorites details was found on several tombstones. On these, there was an inscription noting that the inhabitant had traveled the Oregon Trail. I’d be proud of that, too.

Here is a link to more images from these outings:

Gresham Fall Sights and Gresham Cemetery.


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